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Mono Vacuum Tube Limiter

- Mono Röhren Limiter
- Schaltung basiert auf legendärem Fairchild 660 Limiter
- Externe Röhren Stromversorgung
- 6386 Röhren
- Stepped Audio Attenuator
- Bypass, Key Input Stage, Stepped AC Threshold
- Stereo Link Schaltung
- Trafosymmetrierter Input und Output

The AT-1 is a mono limiter closely based on the classic Fairchild 660 using all the original parts specified in original models of the day. The  circuits for these units are the same as the 660 models which include the use of the 6386 tubes.

The Fairchild 660 is not one half of the stereo 670 version as it behaves slightly differently in operation to its stereo counter-part. These models have a differant tube power supply and differant tubes for the AC threshold, as well as transformers. Standard addititions to this limter include; Bypass, External *Key* input and 21 stepped AC threshold as well as the ability to link each unit together.​

The AT-1 is a Mono compressor with a stepped and tapered audio attenuator. It provides the user with more gain than the AT-101 and a rich tone. It has bypass, a key input stage, stepped AC threshold and stereo linking ability. All inputs and outputs are transformer balanced. Both AC threshold and gain reduction circuits can be split allowing the user to pass audio only through the tube input stage. The TC settings are the same as the stereo units with the same micro second attack times.
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