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Grossmembran Kondensator Mikrofon
Shockmount Ring

- Grossmembran Kondensator Mikrofon mit Nieren Pattern
- Gleiche Kapsel wie Edwina
- Entwickelt für Solo-Instrumente und kleine Ensembles
- Von Hand gebaut mit einzigartigem Design
- Shockmount Ring unterdrückt Bühnengeräusche
- Interner Pop Filter
- Transformatorlose symmetrische FET-Elektronik
- Qualitativ sehr hochstehende Komponenten

Large-diaphragm condenser microphone with spring-suspended retro  styling. Ideal for live vocal performance use, or single-micing small  acoustic ensembles.

Myrtle has the most classic vintage styling  of any of our mics, with a design pedigree straight from the 1930s. Her  sound, however, is a wonder of modern acoustic design that thrives in  current stage environments. She takes the warm, detailed sound and  astonishing feedback rejection of Edwina, and adds a low end tuned for  accurately capturing acoustic instruments from any distance. Her sweet  spot extends from 6 inches out. And she has the low noise and natural  clarity to work wonderfully in the studio as well.

Suggested Applications:
Ideal for single-miking soloists or small acoustic ensembles, including  acoustic instruments and multiple vocalists, on stage or in studio.