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new Fat Head II
Short Ribbon Microphone

- Legendäres symmetrisches Bändchen-Design
- Bändchen aus gewelltem Aluminium
- Pure 8er Richtcharakteristik
- Lundahl LL2913 Output Transformator
- Als Mono-Mikrofon oder gematchtes Stereopaar
- Stereopaare mit zusätzlicher Stereoschiene

Legendary symmetrical Ribbon Design - Fitted with World Famous Symmetrical Ribbon and Lundahl LL2913 Transformer

Over the past decade, Cascade Microphones has played a significant  role in the “ribbon revolution,” offering quality ribbon  mics at   affordable prices. Continuing with that tradition, we are excited to  announce the newly designed Fat Head II short ribbon microphone. If you  already loved the original Fat Head II, fear not! Our new version uses  the same 2.5 micron ribbon as its predecessor, so you can expect the  same warm and “fat” sound as before.

We redesigned the Fat Head II with both form factor and  durability in mind. Its new brass body helps protect the microphone from  stray RF noise and is larger than its predecessor for easier handling.  Also incorporated into the new model is a reinforced neck and grill  assembly along with upgraded plating on its hardware. It now also offers  a gold-plated XLR connector. With these changes, the Fat Head II is  more at home than ever in both project and professional studios, as well  as live on stage.

Fat Head II Stereo Pairs include an upgraded basket-style  shockmount and the Blumlein stereo bar is now silk screened with  mounting indicators.

We are now offering the Fat Head II exclusively with a Lundahl  LL2913 transformer, which is mounted on a through-hole circuit board.  Each microphone is carefully assembled and tested at our headquarters in  Olympia, Washington. The Fat Head II remains an excellent choice for  guitar cabinets, vocals, horns, strings, drum overheads… we love to use  them on just about everything!

Fat Head II Includes:
- Fat Head II Ribbon Microphone
- Molded Flight Case
- Mic Clip
- Leatherette Pouch
- fitted with Lundahl LL2913 transformer

Suggested Uses:
- Electric & Acoustic Guitars
- Drum Overheads
- Horns
- Strings
- Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro

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