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Knuckle Head
Short Ribbon Microphone

- Legendäres symmetrisches Bändchen-Design
- Bändchen aus gewelltem Aluminium
- Pure 8er Richtcharakteristik
- Shockmount Ring
- Lundahl LL2913 Output Transformator optional

Vintage Style - Deluxe Tone

The KNUCKLE HEAD is a passive ribbon microphone that  combines the acoustic components of the successful Fat Head ribbon with a  shockmounted headbasket design reminiscent of early broadcast  microphones.

The ribbon motor uses Neodymium magnets  surrounding a 2.2-micron corrugated aluminum ribbon measuring 5mm x  45mm. The ribbon is mounted symmetrically within the magnetic gap, the  front and back of the mic produces the same voicing.

The ribbon motor and headbasket are suspended  within a 6-inch diameter metal hoop by eight springs. The output  transformer is located within the cylindrical shaft below the shockmount  hoop.

Shipping Includes:
- Knuckle Head Ribbon Microphone
- Aluminium Flight Case
- Adjustable mounting Clip

Typical Suggested Uses:
- Acoustic & Electric Guitars
- Vocals
- Horns
- Strings
- Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro
- Drums (Overheads)

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