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Active Low-Mass Ribbon Microphone

- Aktives Bändchen Mikrofon, Achter-Charakteristik
- Röhren-Elektronik mit hohem Output
- Optimale Impedanz zum Ribbon Element und Output
- Extrem tiefes Eigenrauschen
- Externe Stromversorgung
- Keine hochfrequenten Peaks, Ringing oder Phasenshifts
- Stabiles Ribbon Element gegen Hitze/Feuchtigkeit
- Gleiche Empfindlichkeit von Vorder- und Rückseite
- Leicht unterschiedlicher Klang von Vorder- zu Rückseite
- Gleicher Frequenzgang mit zunehmender Distanz
- Kommt in Alukoffer mit Shockmount und PSU

The SF-2 ribbon microphone is a phantom powered version of our  original SF-1 ribbon microphone. Designed primarily for classical  applications and acoustic instruments, the SF-2 combines high-quality  audio performance with our exclusive active electronics for ribbon  microphones. The SF-2’s output of -38 dB puts its sensitivity on par  with that of phantom powered condenser microphones, allowing it to be  used with a wide variety of mic pre’s regardless of gain  characteristics. The unique electronics and custom designed FET’s used  in the SF-2 deliver ultra-quiet operation, with self-noise of lower than  18 dB.

The SF-2’s magnet/pole piece transducer structure gives a wide,  uniform frequency response with no substantial peaks or dips, and the  1.8-micron ribbon element delivers superb transient response. Frequency  response is excellent regardless of the angle of sound striking the  ribbon and off-axis coloration is negligible.

Our Active Series ribbon mics are as sensitive as phantom powered  condenser microphones, allowing you to use virtually any mic  preamplifier or board pre. Conventional ribbon microphones are 15 to 30  dB less sensitive than condenser mics, necessitating the use of  high-quality, high-gain microphone preamplifiers when recording quieter  sound sources like acoustic instruments, vocals, room ambiance, etc. The  SF-2 contains a fully balanced, discrete head amplifier system which  utilizes a specially wound toroidal transformer and ultra-low noise  FET’s to deliver a sensitivity of -38 dB. Even with extremely quiet  sound sources, you’ll have enough level to drive any recording medium.

The SF-2’s electronics create no additional self-noise. All of the  SF-2’s higher output comes from its large, specially wound toroidal  transformer which provides an additional 14 dB of ‘free gain.’ The  phantom powered system operates at less than unity, adding no noise of  its own.

Impedance Matching
The electronics in the SF-2 provide a perfect load to the ribbon  element at all times, allowing the microphone to deliver 100% of its  full sonic potential regardless of the input characteristics of the  following mic-pre. Due to its low-impedance output, SF-2’s can be used  on extremely long cable runs with minimal signal loss.

A proper impedance match is critical to the performance of ribbon  microphones. Impedance mismatching loads a ribbon element improperly,  resulting in loss of low end and body, lower sensitivity, and an overall  diminished performance. With our Active Series ribbon mics, the ribbon  element sees a perfect impedance at all times regardless of the preamp  you choose, so its performance is never compromised by the effects of  improper loading. In addition, the ribbon element cannot be damaged by  phantom power, electrical glitches or miswired cables.

The SF-2 Story
Twenty prototype SF-2’s circulated in major studios and scoring  stages for years before the microphone’s release. They were extremely  well received in classical circles, where they excel on choir, piano,  woodwinds, strings and many other applications. They were also well  received in studios focusing more on acoustic instruments,  singer/songwriters, etc. We couldn’t get most of the prototypes back…

The SF-2 ships in an aluminum presentation case with an SFS-2 shock mount, mic sock, documentation and manual.

Primary Uses:
Choir, Woodwinds, Flute and other reed instruments, Voilin, Cello and other stringed Instruments, Brass, String and Woodwind sections, Piano, Harp, Orchestra, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo, Percussion Instruments, Vocals, Drum Overheads, Ambiance
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