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The Brute
Opto-Cell Limiter Module

- 500 Series Mono Opto-Limiter
- Gain Reduction Control mit Zero Adjust Trim
- Output Level Control
- Hipass Filter für Detektorweg
- Bypass Schalter
- VU Meter für Output oder Gain Reduction
- Link Schalter
- VF600 discrete OpAmp in Schaltungsdesign
- Gleiche Opto-Zelle wie beim VacRac Tube Limiter
- Trafosymmetrierter Ein- und Ausgang
- Gain Reduction bis 40dB

Inward Connections The Brute is one of the most well suited limiters within the 500 series format to obtain a "high-end" vocal sound. It will add warmth and presence to your vocal, bringing out a breathy and airy quality while also smoothing out peaks and bringing the vocal up front in your mix. The Brute is also excellent for guitars, bass, and anywhere else and smooth and warm optical limiter can be of use.
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