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Dynamic Mic with Carbon Granule Capsule
& 5 Filter Tone Box

- Dynamisches Mikrofon, Nieren-Charakteristik
- Kapsel aus Kohlenstoff Granulat
- Klingt wie ein Panzer aus 2. Weltkrieg
- Frequenzgang 500 Hz bis 10 kHz
- Hammond Output Transformator
- 5 Position Filter Tone Box

The Carbonphone, unlike full range dynamic, condenser or ribbon mics,  features a military grade carbon granule element to capture sound.  Due  to the unique and unpredictable response of the carbon capsule, the  resulting sound is naturally distorted, band passed and very ‘lo­fi’.   Some might compare the character of the Carbonphone to that of a  scratchy vinyl record or a military radio / public address transmission.   The sound is achieved by passing current through tiny carbon granules  within the capsule.  When sound waves agitate the granules, the  electrical resistance of the capsule modulates and the variations in  resistance can then be converted into sound just like any other  microphone.

Uses inclulde:
Vocals, Guitar Amplifiers, everywhere an Effect Microphone is needed!
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