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Weight Tank Rev. B
Mono Variable Mu Tube Compressor
Vintage-style hardwired

- Mono Variable Mu Röhren-Kompressor
- Vintage-style hardwired Design
- Stahl Transformatoren für Input, Output & Interstage
- 6BC8 & 12AU7 Röhren im Signalweg
- Sound/Drive-Schalter für verschiedene Bias Punkte
- Link Anschluss für Stereo Anwendungen
- Gibt dem Input Signal Gewicht, Harmonics und Charakter
- Entwickelt von Locomotive Audio in den USA

Verbesserungen gegenüber Rev A:
- 4dB mehr Output beim Threshold
- Drive Mode mit mehr Harmonics/Saturation
- Tieferes Ratio (3:1 gegen 4:1 bei Rev A)
- Tieferes Transformer-Rauschen

Add Weight, Harmonics & Character to your sound
The Weight Tank Compressor will put a stamp on any material run through its circuitry. The smooth and gooey sound of soft-knee vari-mu compression paired with thick, distinct and colorful harmonic saturation makes this a standout at an incredible price point. With its two-tube and three-transformer circuit topology, the Weight Tank compressor has been fine-tuned to deliver something special to clean, digitally recorded audio. Unlike its cousin, the Locomotive Audio 14B, which buffs your sound to a glossy sheen, the Weight Tank offers darker tones while adding huge vintage heft to your audio.

Weight Tank's all-tube circuitry (6BC8 & 12AU7) and three all-steel audio transformers (Input, Interstage & Output) are designed to deliver big, saturated and harmonically-rich results. While not a clone, the Weight Tank Compressor borrows concepts from compressors such as the UA 175B, Altec 436 (as well as its British child) and certain aspects of the Locomotive Audio 14B. The goal was to make the best colored vari-mu style tube compressor at a tremendous value.

Armed to emit a variety tones, the Weight Tank Compressor features an exciting design with the ability to switch between two pure Class A output bias points, much like auditioning guitar amps.

When run in “Round” mode, a smooth, sweet and pure tone will result. If switched to “Drive” mode, the 12AU7 output tube bias swings drastically hotter and offers an enhanced harmonic structure and overall driven tonal shift. Switching between these two bias settings can result in both subtle or drastic changes depending on the source material and how much signal is being sent through the unit.
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