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Camden 500
Microphone Preamplifier & Saturation Module
- Mikrofon Vorverstärker Modul mit Saturation
- Diskret aufgebaute analoge Schaltung
- Sehr tiefes Rauschen (>128dB EIN)
- Sehr tiefe Verzerrungen (<0.001 THD)
- Linearer Frequenz- und Phasengang on 20 Hz - 20 kHz
- 2-stufige Mojo Saturation mit "Thicken" und "Pop"
- Frontpanel Hi-Z Input
- Mic, Line oder Hi-Z Input-Schalter
- Entwickelt und produziert in England

We believe that the best analogue preamps are yet to be designed. Rather than enjoy the sonic results of a legacy circuit but learn to live with the drawbacks, we believe in designs that utilise modern components, circuitry and manufacturing techniques to achieve that ‘vintage’ sound that all musicians and engineers (including ourselves) desire.

The Camden mic preamp is our first step on this journey. By exploring the possibilities of using unique components in unique ways, we have created a mic preamp that redefines the term ‘linear’ in respect to phase and frequency response. Our design ensures that when the utmost clarity and detail is required, the entire frequency spectrum arrives at your recorder at the same volume and at the same time with less than 0.001% THD and 128dB EIN.

For those moments when tonal variety and character is required; we have developed our MOJO circuit which can be used to apply 2 discrete saturation effects synonymous with transformer-based designs. ‘Pop’ introduces a high-end presence and complexity that cannot be replicated with EQ. The ‘Pop’ setting introduces a harmonic richness that will help your instruments stand-out in the mix. ‘Thicken’ on the other hand introduces a controlled low end harmonic richness that will enable low frequencies to remain present and audible through all reproduction mediums without losing tightness in full range systems.
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