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Brooklyn Bridge
Streamer, D/A Converter and Preamplifier

- Streamer mit CAT5 und WiFi Inputs
- Brooklyn DAC+ Stereo Mastering D/A Wandler
- Digital Inputs: USB2, 2x SPDIF, TOSLINK
- MQA Decoder
- Analog Phono MC/MM Preamplifier
- Analog Outputs auf XLR und Cinch
- Mytek Femtotec Clock Generator
- 2 Headphone Outputs mit 6W und Attenuator
- Fernbedienung im Lieferumfang

Brooklyn Bridge is identical to Brooklyn DAC+ in terms of audio circuits and performance but has the addition of a built-in Network Streamer. AES/EBU digital input is replaced with an ethernet network connector, a WiFi antena and a USB port for external music hard drive. Just add a tablet (ipad or android) for complete music system to stream Tidal MQA, Qobuz Hi-Res or other streaming services or play local files connected to Brooklyn Bridge USB port. Roon requires additional Roon Core. Like in the Brooklyn DAC+ there is line and phono analog preamplifier and a reference headphone amplifier.
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