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Mix 690
Summing Mixer

- 16 into 2 Summing Mixer
- 16 Inputs mit Panorama, XLR
- Insert mit Bypass auf Stereo Bus
- Stereo Master Level Pot
- Stereo VU Meter
- Vollständig diskret aufgebaute Schaltung
- 20 legendäre Inward 690 OpAmps
- Kaskadierung weiterer Geräte möglich

Built using the same proprietary op-amps as the DEQ-1, the Mix 690 Summing Mixer sounds very large and fat while still retaining clarity and detail in the high end. The mid range comes across as punchy and perceptually loud, which adds excitement to any mix. The perfect way to relieve your overworked digital mix buss and restore resolutionand depth to your mixes.
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