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CloseMic Kit No. 4

- Kit mit 4 Stk. DM20 für Snare und Toms
- Frequenzgang von 20 Hz bis 20 kHz
- Knackiger und realistischer Klang
- Sehr schnelle Impulsantwort für klare Transienten
- Attackzeiten halten auch hohen Pegeln stand
- Beinahe peferkte Nieren-Charakteristik
- Mini-Schwanenhals für schnelles und einfaches Miking
- Max. SPL 150dB, auch für laute Drummer
- Kommt 4 RM1 RimMounts
- Road-tauglich in stabilem Transport-Koffer

The Earthworks CMK4 CloseMic™ Kit is a 4-microphone bundle of DM20 precision engineered cardioid condenser microphones and accessories designed for close miking toms and snare in live performance and studio recording environments.

Whether onstage or in the studio, the DM20 captures a drum sound that is larger than life. Onstage the DM20 delivers sound so detailed and natural that the sound coming out of the PA sounds like the drummer is right in front of you. For recording, it will reproduce toms and snare with incredible detail and pristine sound, faithfully reproducing their true character.

Its near-perfect cardioid polar pattern is consistent across all frequencies, simplifying mic placement, virtually eliminating phasing issues and ensuring more gain before feedback. The DM20 transient response is lightning fast, handling sharp attacks with ease, while still picking up all of the subtle nuances and softest dynamics. Even the loudest drummer cannot overload the DM20 DrumMic™, which can handle up to 150dB SPL.     

Designed to withstand the rigors of the road while still delivering the sound quality Earthworks is known for, the DM20 DrumMic™ provides the best of both worlds. Capable of withstanding a stray stick hit, the DM20 removes the worry of close miking snare and toms. Its right angle microphone head makes the positioning of the microphone easily and precise to get the best drum sound. Featuring a stiff yet flexible gooseneck, the microphone will stay in the found sweet spot.

Included with the DM20 is an RM1 RimMount™ for mounting the microphone directly on the rim of a snare or toms, eliminating the need for mic stands. Plus, save time on setup and teardown by storing the DM20 with the RM1 still attached in its carrying case.
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