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16 Channels

- 19" 2U Adapters mit 16 Kanälen
- 16x XLR male, female oder Combos auf Rückseite
- 2x DB25 auf Rückseite

The XLR – Adapter is a simple unit that allows 16 XLR (M or F/TRS or  combination of 8 ch) on DB25 Tascam connectors. This unit can be  connected via DB25-DB25 (Vovox) to any  product that supports DB25 Tascam/Fostex/Digidesign analog 8 ch standard  pin out. The DB25 will match with standard DB25 to XLR or TRS breakout  cables from third parts. Teknosign’s XLR Adapters are of top quality to  match your high end professional audio gear. All parts (e.g. XLR Neutrik  Connectors), design and construction are carefully done to provide the  best audio quality.
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