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Ultimate Analog Bass & Lead Synthesizer

- Ultimativer Analoger Bass- und Lead-Synthesizer
- 3 VCO mit Dreieckt, Sägezahn & PWM
- Osc 1 syncs to Osc2 und Osc3
- 2 VCF: 24dB Moog & 12dB Oberheim Filters
- 4 ADSR Hüllkurven
- 3 LFO mit 4 Wellenformen, Noise und Random
- Glide und Autoglide, linear oder exponentiell
- Noise Generator, Ringmodulator, Externer Input
- Grosse Zahl an Modulations-Zielen
- MIDI In, Out und Thru
- 1 Rotary Encoder, 24 Drehregler, 21 Schalter
- 396 ROM Patches, 396 User RAM Locations

Seen where the sound of success was heard, the SE-1 recreated the power of the classic Moog tone and far more. The distinctive Oberheim filter and numerous additional features helped to make this Hiphop and R&B legend the serious professional's source for the boominest basses and smoothest, wormiest leads on the planet.

The SE-1X continues in this tradition, remaining true to its roots, while stepping up its functionality and form, wide open to future expansion and exploration via its Flash-ROM operating system and dedicated creativity of its supernal sound designers.
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