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5H1 - Cans II
500 Series Headphone Amplifier Module

- 500 Series Kopfhörer-Verstärker Modul
- Frontpanel Kopfhörer Output mit Level Control
- Diskret aufgebauter Signalweg
- KDJ3 Input- und KDJ5 Output-OpAmps
- Individuelle Channel Cuts
- Channel Swap
- Channel Sum to Mono
- Wird mit XLR female - XLR female Adapter geliefert
- 2 Stereo Inputs bei Verwendung von Sweet Ten Rack

Discrete Stereo Headphone Amp and Control Room Preamplifier Designed to work in standard “500” racks.

The Cans II Headphone and Control Room preamplifier is a great addition to your Sweet Ten Rack or any 500 series rack. This module gives you all of the control of a console master section in a small sleek design. The Cans II also give you the ability to quickly and easily check phase and width of mixes without extra DAW routing or plugins bogging down your CPU.

The Cans II also can be used for headphone amplification in a live room or control room setting, giving you ways to make use of this module in any area of your small or large format studio.

The Cans II provides excellent sound quality and control to any set of headphones or monitors in any and all applications.
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