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Artistic Equalizer
3 Band Equalizer Module

- 500 Series 3 Band Equalizer Modul
- High und Low Band Shelf/Bell umschaltbar
- Mittenband mit Color Schaltung
- Cut/Boost +/- 14dB pro Band
- Status- und Clip-LED
- High Band von 2 - 20 kHz
- Mitten Band von 300 Hz - 3 kHz
- Low Band von 30 - 300 Hz
- Frequenzabhängiger Q-Faktor
- Output Transformator mit Stahlkern
- OPA2 Operations-Verstärker

The Fredenstein Artistic EQ, a three band equalizer for 500 series racks, provides best-in-class audio performance and flexibility. Open sounding, easy to use, and with our Color technology; the Artistic EQ can handle any program material in live and studio applications.

The centerpiece of the Artististic EQ is the OPA2 discrete audio operational amplifier. As all Fredenstein products, it is not a copy of an older design, but a proprietary design manufactured in SMT technology. Matched and integrated dual input transistors guarantee vastly improved specifications compared to older designs. The OPA2, following the tradition of well known manufactures, is socketed and can be exchanged without tools.

The sound is further defined by the American-made steel-core output transformer, which is known for its smooth vintage sound without being dark or just “mid-rangy”. The low and high frequency filters can be switched between Bell or Shelf . The gain range for each filter is +- 14 dB. To facilitate sound comparisons, a true “hard” bypass is available when EQ IN is not engaged.

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