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HF Replacement Driver for Yamaha NS-10

- HF-Treiber für Yamaha NS-10 Monitore
- Exakt nach Originalspezifikation
- Einfacher Einbau in Chassis
- Keine Veränderung Chassis nötig
- Erfüllt Euro RoHs Spezifikation

Since Yamaha discontinued the iconic NS10M, the supply of aftermarket components has become more and more expensive and less and less available. Avantone Pro has done an exact reverse engineering of the original drivers. Using our global resources and decade of experience in driver constructed, we have reproduced the components faithfully, updating the materials to comply with RoHS requirements.

The AV10mHF is a match throughout the frequency range, engineered with the same voicing as the original.

The AV10mHF replacement driver is physically and dimensionally exactly the same as the originals and is a “bolt in” hassle free install that require no changes to the cabinet in the installation process.
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