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Mono Portable Microphone Preamplifier

- HV-3 Mono Mikrofon Vorverstärker
- Leicht und portabel
- Batteriebetrieb möglich
- Variables Gain von 14.5 bis 60dB (70dB Ribbon Mode)
- Ribbon Microphone Mode mit 10dB Gain Boost
- Frontpanel Instrument Input
- 80 Hz Highpass Filter
- 48V Phantom Power
- 14dB Pad
- Phase Reverse
- Frequenzgang von <10 Hz - >200 kHz

Paul Vnuk - Recording Magazine
"This is essentially the third time I have reviewed this preamp, and I must also disclose that I own and have been using an 8-Channel HV-3D for well over 12 years now...it’s a sound I know well and really appreciate. Everything that I used to describe the HV-3 sound above holds true to these new HV-P models, and while there are some spec differences between the older HV-3 and these, my ears cannot detect a difference..."
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