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Synergy R1
Stereo Digital Reverb & Saturation Module

- Stereo Digital Reverb mit Satuartion Modul
- SHARC DSP mit 7 Algorythmischen Stereo Reverbs
- 3 Analoge Saturation Schaltungen
- Sehr weicher Klang, warmer Sound
- VST/AU/AAX Plug-In Steuerung via USB
- Top-Quality AD/DA Wandler
- Preset Manager, Full Total Recall
- Encoders von ALPS

We gathered all our long term software development experience, the knowledge of the recent and vintage circuits we love to model. We added the experience we gained working on third party and our own custom made hardware solutions to bring the best possibly sounding reverb to your studios.

The Audified Synergy R1 is a high-end audio processing module in 500 series. It is powered by 500-series lunchbox, operates in stereo configuration and takes 2 slots of the lunchbox.

Ordinary Gear
Modern producers tend to avoid using audio hardware effects. Recalling sessions is such a big time consumer that they often decide to sacrifice their CPU power to plug-ins.

Audified Synergy
But Synergy is different. The USB connection lets you control the device from your DAW, automate it and store its settings within the session. No more papers. No more turning knobs.

Synergy R1 consists of two switchable sections. The first section is digital. It contains premium quality 24-bit A/D and D/A converters, 32-bit floating point DSP and true bypass function. The DSP offers seven unique hi-end reverb algorithms. They range from Room all the way up to the Tunnel algorithm. They include Hall, Long Hall or Plate. You may control Pre-delay, Decay and Color.

The true analog section contains three switchable premium saturation circuits. The saturation types are Germanium, JFET and Op-Amp. You can control their Gain and Volume.
Both sections contain Wet-Dry Mix controls. Therefore you can use the R1 unit as a 100% analog saturator. Or a 100% digital reverb processor, if you wish (and everything between those 2 worlds).

Plug-in / Application
Every single function of the device can be controlled via VST, AU or AAX plug-in. The Synergy control is also provided as a stand-alone application offering the same features. But of course, you can put your hands on too, if you wish. The software control elements are smoothly synchronized with the controls and indicators on the Synergy front panel.

Preset Manager
AUDIFIED Synergy stores presets either in the hardware unit or in the controlling software. You may use the Preset Manager to copy or move presets between the connected unit and computer storage. Each DAW opening the plug-in has access to all Synergy parameters, so it may also save its internal state, including the analog parameters.
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