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Limited Edition Active Ribbon Microphone

- Aktive Version des R44C Bändchen Mikrofon
- Weltweit limitiert auf 52 Stück
- Pro Händler nur 1 Stück lieferbar  first come - first serve
- Kombination aus passivem R44CE und aktivem A440
- 12dB mehr Output als R44CE
- New-Old Stock Bändchen Material von RCA
- Von Hand nummeriert und signiert von Wes Dooley

The Limited Edition R44ACE
Enveloped in an elegant, matte black finish, the R44ACE heralds the 20th anniversary of the legendary AEA R44.

Combining components of the R44CE with the active elements of the A440, the ACE delivers a classic sound with a modern aesthetic.

Its limited run of 52 won’t last long, so draw the R44ACE into your hand.

The Active CE
The active electronics within the R44ACE result in 12dB more output than the original R44CE, so it’s highly useful when recording quiet sources and is optimized for use with any preamp.

Same Signature Sound
The R44ACE takes advantage of tried and true new-old-stock RCA ribbon material, which provides signature warmth, generous proximity effect, and a rich tonality.

Twenty Years of the AEA R44
The R44C, AEA’s museum reproduction of the RCA 44BX, was first produced in 1998. To celebrate its 20-year run, we developed the active, cost-effective, and stylized R44ACE to memorialize the spirit of the R44 while making it affordable and appealing to a newer generation of ribbon mic adherents.

The ACE is an exciting amalgamation of 1930s technology and modern production that delivers the R44’s classic sound in a new context.
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