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Pultec Tube Program Equalizer
Mastering Version

- Pultec Röhren Programm Equalizer für Mastering
- 21 Position Schalter statt Potis, 0.5dB Steps
- Low Shelf Boost 4 Frequenzen, 0-10dB, 0.5dB Steps
- Low Shelf Atten 4 Frequenzen, 0-10dB, 0.5dB Steps
- Peak Boost mit 7 Frequenzen, 0-10dB, 0.5dB Steps
- Hi Shelf Atten 3 Frequenzen, 0-10dB, 0.5dB Steps
- 3 Röhren im Signalweg: 12AU7, 12AX7, 6X4
- Mono Version, abgestimmte Stereopaar erhältlich

The EQM-1A3 is an EQP-1A3 with the boost/atten pots replaced with precision 21-position switches.  Tapers have been engineered to provide reproducible 0.5 dB / step control* with a maximum boost/atten of 10 dB.
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