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Dynamic Microphone with Resonant Chamber

- Dynamisches Mikrofon, Nieren-Charakteristik
- Resonanz-Kammer
- Frequenzgang von 200 Hz bis 3 kHz
- Robustes Kupfergehäuse und Komponenten
- Geniales Effekt-Mikrofon

The Copperphone, unlike full range high fidelity microphones, operates  within a limited bandwidth of frequencies which lends a nostalgic  quality to the signal.  Some might compare the sound to an AM radio or a  telephone (please listen to the sound samples provided).  The sound is  achieved through a combination of the microphone’s element and a  mechanical filtering device.  The element is rear ported into a hollow  resonant chamber and as sound passes through the diaphragm into the  chamber, upper mid range frequencies are accentuated while low and high  frequencies are reduced.

Uses inclulde:
Vocals, Guitar Amplifiers, everywhere an Effect Microphone is needed!
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