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Stereo Tube Opto Compressor

- Stereo Röhren Opto Kompressor
- Einzigartiges Gain Element mit tiefen Verzerrungen
- Röhrenbasierte Verstärker
- Link von Stereo bis Surround
- VU Meter mit Input, Kompression und Output
- Stufenlose Attack und Release Zeiten
- Gain Range bis +10dB
- Variabler Threshold bis -20dB
- Low Noise: <-80dB
- Bypass-Schalter ohne Clicks

CL 2A is a two channel all-tube opto compressor, featuring two independent channels. The optical gain reduction element is placed after the input transformer and followed by an all tube-based output amplifier with a +10 dB gain. A link switch is provided for use of the two separate compressors in stereo mode or for linking several compressors together.

Both Input and Output are balanced and have fully floating transformers with a static screen.
The power supply and the sidechain circuit are based on solid state designs. With the exception of the anode voltage for the output stage, all DC voltages are stabilized.

Differencies between CL1B and CL2A
CL2A is based on the CL1B,  but it''s not a stereo CL1B! CL2A features a different optical element, with a little more "soft"or "rounded" action compared to the element in the CL1B. The amount of transparency you get when using the CL2A is similar to the CL1B. The tube amplifier circuit is basically the same, with the main difference being that the input transformer and the tube amps in the CL2A delivers a more "normal" amount of gain compared to the CL1B. The control circuit has been changed so the CL2A''s  max release time is two seconds.
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