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8 Channel active DI Box

- 8 Kanal Class A aktive DI-Box, 19" 1U
- Jack und Thru Jack pro Kanal auf Gerätefront
- 8 Channel Main Outputs auf DB25
- 8 Channel Monitor Outputs auf DB25
- 15dB Pad bei jedem Kanal
- Phase Reverse Schalter bei jedem Kanal
- Ground Lift Schalter pro Kanal auf Rückseite
- DSOP-2 Output Transformator
- Gesteppte Output Level Poti pro Kanal
- Externe Stromversorgung

Today's Music Demands More and Better DIs
The Phoenix Audio pure Class-A DI was so popular in our DRS Series Mic Preamps that we've made it available in two stand alone versions: the 2-channel (1/2RU) Nice DIand the 8-channel N8 (1RU). Over the past decade or so, the need for more DIs has skyrocketed as instrumentation has incorporated more and more electronic elements. From elaborate analog synth rigs, to multiple laptops, to loop-stations and more, getting excellent tone from multiple DIs is more important today than ever. With their unique gain architecture, Phoenix's Nice DIs intuitively offer up a wide array of tones, such that working with a direct signal takes on the artistry we tend to associate only with working with mic'd signals.

Pure Class-A Tone at Input
The Nice DIs are built around a fully discrete Class-A circuit design, all hand-wired with military-grade silver connections into rugged and portable steel boxes. Our transformerless, ultra-high impedance (10Mohm) input stage assures that your signals are delivered into the circuit in their full glory. No treble roll off, or sluggish bass response as is rampant with so many DIs. Instead, you'll hear the full-bodied, punchy sounds necessary for delivering the powerful, often bombastic and complex, signals of modern music. Guitars and basses will sing; lush synths will swarm; hard-hitting drum machines will thump and crack—each sound rendered with its transients and full frequency spectrum in tact.

Versatile Transformer-Balanced Output
The output stage of the Nice DIs uses Phoenix Audio's renown DSOP-2, an all discrete output amp based on head-designer Dave Rees's infamous TF1 amp (which he developed for use in vintage Neve modules). With its custom-wound DB694 transformer and enormous headroom, the DSOP-2 can be driven to taste. Deliver more gain to achieve a beautifully saturated sound, back off for a cleaner, hi-fi sound, or choose any flavor in-between. And because these DIs can accept unbalanced line level or levels up to 0db you can use the N8, for example, anywhere a line-amp is necessary: along side your console, in a live setting, or simply in any patch to pick up that Class-A tone. With an easily recalled stepped gain control on every channel, dialing in your exact sound is a breeze. You'll find these to be the most musical, intuitive and versatile DIs you've ever used, capable of breathing new life into any direct injected signal.