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Hot Fuzz
High Frequency Boost & Hot Fuzz Pedal

- High Frequency Boost & Hot Fuzz Guitar Pedal
- True Bypass für beide Sektionen Boost & Fuzz
- High Frequency Boost: Single Stage, up to 5 kHz
- Hot Fuzz: Triple Stage, 70ties-style
- Output Level
- Stahl-Chassis, kein Aluminium
- Von Hand gebaut in North Hollywood, USA

The Hot Fuzz pedal is essentially two pedals in one.  The left side is a high frequency boost and the right side is an English 1970's style fuzz box.  The Hot Fuzz can be used independently or in series to create a high frequency distortion.

"The BAE Hot Fuzz distortion pedal is a great little stomp box.  Totally adjustable distortion, level & EQ. Tons of great tone. &  very genuine tube sounding distortion. Very unique sound."
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