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Mono Pultec Tube Equalizer

- Mono Pultec Röhren Equalizer
- Röhren Push-Pull Verstärker Design
- Passives EQ Design mit tiefem Rauschen -85dB
- Frequenzgang von 5 Hz bis 40 kHz
- 4 Frequenzen Low für Boost & Cut
- 20 HF Boost Frequenzen mit variabler Bandbreite
- 3 HF Cut Frequenzen
- Potentiometer aus Konduktiv-Plastik
- Trafosymmetrierter Input und Output

The PE 1C is a passive, all-tube EQ, based on the classic PULTEC EQP 1A design and featuring a passive EQ section and a high quality op amp. With the original Pultec out of production for decades and used examples demanding sky-high prices, the PE 1C is by far the easiest way to achieve this unique and coveted sound.

The PE 1C low end section combines two separate passive EQ filters with slightly different cut/boost frequencies. When the two sections are combined, this results in truly unique EQ curves, often named the “Low End Trick” and very useful for cleaning up low/mid frequencies.

The high frequency and midrange bands really stand out in terms of transparency and clarity, and the PE 1C is broadly regarded as one of the world’s finest passive tube based equalizers.
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