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Model 3706
Stereo Field Effect Compressor

- Stereo FET Compressor/Limiter
- Input & Output Regler, Ratio Regler
- Blend Control
- Attack & Realease Regler
- Harmonic Schalter bringt reiche Klangfarbe
- Ninlinear Mode für extremen Punch
- Trafosymmetrierte Output Stage
- Externe PSU mit 5 Pin XLR

The Overstayer Stereo Field Effect Model 3706 Limiter/Compressor is an evolution of our passion for FET compressors and classic analog recording chains. The Stereo Field Effect, or SFE, is a stereo unit with ganged controls that combines compression and limiting, with analog tone shaping and harmonics stages to evoke the tonality of a classic analog recording and mixing chain.

Classic FET ratios, as well as subtle low and hard limit ratios, allow the balance of compression to harmonics to be tailored, while wide-ranging attack and release options allow the envelope to shape exactly what hits the harmonics stages. The integrated sidechain filter and tone shaping of the discrete harmonics stages allows the signal to remain full even with large amounts of gain reduction. The Nonlinear mode engages an alternate aggressive personality, giving you new and unique dynamic textures.
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