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Microphone Preamplifier Module

- 500 Series Mikrofon Vorverstärker Modul
- Red Mode für British Classic Style (1073)
- Green Mode für American Vintage Style (OpAmp)
- Hochstehende Carnhill Transformatoren
- Preamp Pad -20dB, Output Pad -8dB
- Frontpanel XLR/Jack Combo Anschluss
- FET-basierter DI-Input
- Gain bis +64dB mit Grayhill Schalter

DUE-PRE – fully discrete mic/instrument 500 series preamp with two modes of operation.

Preamp circuit is switchable between two amps: RED and GREEN.

RED mode is a British classic style preamp (1073) and GREEN is an American vintage style preamp (discrete opamp). Both preamps have unique sonic textures known as a best classical sound preamps. Carnhill transformers are responsible for matching impedance and de/symmetrization circuits. Preamp is loaded with two PADs: IN 20dB PAD and OUT 8dB PAD which allows to saturate both preamp and output transformer.

Additionally DUE-PRE has front input XLR Combo socket which can be used in both ways: as a mic input and as a instrumental input. Instrumental input is a high impedance input of which signal feeds input transformer through FET transistor. Module can draw up to 5W of power.
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