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8 Channel Microphone Preamplifier
Remote Controlled

- 8 Kanal ferngesteuerter HV-3 Mikrofon Vorverstärker
- Bis 792 Kanäle (99 Geräte) via Ethernet steuerbar
- Plug 'n' Play Pro Tools Interface via MIDI
- AElogic Windows Software für totale Kontrolle
- High-Definition Meters
- Unlimitierte Gruppen, Szenen Management
- Trafoloses Design mit diskreten Highspeed Transitoren
- Völlig neutrales und natürliches Klangbild
- FET-basierte Output State mit 32dB Headroom
- Gain Controls in 1dB Steps, bis +80dB
- Channel Matching 0.08dB
- Ultracleane, interne Stromversorgung
- Vergoldete Kontakte und Schalter
- Mogami Neglex OFC Audio Verkabelung
- Silber Teflon Stromverkabelung
- Zusätzliche Line Outputs auf 2x DB25 optional
- Digital Output Card 24/96 und DANTE Output optional

As a standalone 8-channel preamplifier the HV3-R is deeply impressive enough. When you add to that the flexibility of two different types of remote control operation, the sheer scalability of the system to deliver a whopping 384 channels of operation (if your pockets are deep enough), and Millennia Media has succeeded in delivering a product that will integrate seamlessly into a variety of modern production scenarios, while remaining true to the core values of that pristine audio path.
Jon Thornton, Resolution Magazine

I absolutely loved working with the HV-3R. I was repeatedly spoiled by the quality of my tracks and the different ways I could set up and control the unit.
Kevin Becka, MIX

The sound is great -- sweet, refined, full of dynamics - fabulous on grand piano.
Tony Faulkner, Greenroom Productions, UK owner of HV-3D and M-2B preamplifiers
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