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Electra 500
5 Band Equalizer Module

- 500 Series 5 Band Equalizer Modul
- Proportional Q ändert sich mit Cut/Boost Wert
- Highpass Filter durchstimmbar
- Low Shelfing EQ
- Lows & Mids Proportianal Q
- Hi Shelfing EQ

The Electra is a 5-band equalizing masterpiece that enables precise, musical control over the tone and the texture of recorded sounds. A novel combination of four meticulously tuned filter types – a subtly resonant butterworth high-pass, baxandall low shelf, two proportional-Q mids, and mastering style high shelf – opens up completely new creative possibilities for how your tracks impact the emotions of the listener.

Electra has an uncanny ability to find the hidden pockets of vibe and soul inside a sound and draw them out of hiding. It also exhibits a degree of punch normally associated with compression; the low end is massive and tight, the mids have a smooth smack, and the high shelf screams ‘analog!’

Whether it’s gently tightening and defining the mix bus or aggressively sculpting individual tracks… Electra does exactly what you want, and nothing that you don’t.
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