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Bad Boy
VCA Compressor Module

- 500 Series Mono VCA Kompressor Modul
- VF600 Discrete OpAmp Blocks
- Differential-symetrierter Input, trafolos
- Output Transformator
- Wet/Dry Mix Control
- VU Meter mit Outputpegel
- LED Gain Reduction Meter, Gain Makeup bis 16dB
- Highpass Filter im Detektionsweg
- Attack von 0.2 bis 20ms, Release von 0.1 bis 3s
- Stereolink- und Bypass-Schalter

Inward Connections knows a thing or two about putting big sound in small packages.  The Bad Boy compressor is no exception.  

The Bad Boy 500 Series VCA Compressor picks up where its predecessors, the VC500 and VOGAD, left off.  It provides a huge range of compression timing options, allowing users to dial in attack and release to suit almost any source imaginable.  This versatile circuit is also coupled to the famed VF600 discrete amp blocks and an all-new Wet/Dry Mix circuit, allowing tonal settings never before available on an Inward Connections VCA compressor.  

With its range of ratios, array of timing options and integrated Mix control, the Bad Boy is ready to tackle any source.  It’s ready to work whether it’s leveling gentle acoustic guitars, smashing drums, tightening the mix bus, or even mastering.  The Bad Boy is a good thing for any 500 Series rack.
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