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Ark 832
8 Channel Analog Inline Console

- 8 Kanal Analog Inline Konsole
- Dualer Audioweg mit unabh. Routing & Inserts
- Kanalzug mit Mik Preamp, Equalizers & Filters
- 4 EQ Sektionen pro Kanal
- 8 Gruppen Busse
- 16 Aux Wege
- 2 Inserts pro Kanal
- 2 Stereo Mix Busse
- 8 Stereo Returns
- 32 Inputs für Mix Bus
- 8 Slots 500 Series
- Komplette CRM Sektion mit 4 Stereo Speaker Sets
- 4 externe Stereo Inputs
- Analoge VU Meter mit Global Meter Reading

The Ark is a fully Discrete, Class-A design.
When designing the Ark, we did not want to cut any corners, and took every single detail into consideration. The Ark has been designed from the ground up, evaluating every single knob, switch, connection and function. Even placement of the circuit boards, screws, and cable paths took hours of discussion and evaluation. Not only to make sure she looks as good on the inside as on the outside, but mostly to make sure that the absolute best signal quality and the absolute best user experience are achieved.

As a result, the Ark’s performance is “off the charts” in terms of headroom, distortion and dynamic range.
This is being achieved by using high-voltage, fully discrete, class-A circuitry throughout the console, in combination with fully balanced master mix busses. In order to keep the audio as clean as possible, active circuitry is kept to a minimum, passive circuits are used where possible and there are no electrolytic capacitors anywhere in the signal path (so no re-capping necessary in the future).

For signal amplification and control, we designed high-voltage, discrete op-amp cards that eliminate crossover distortion while offering extended headroom, dynamic range and improved frequency response. These discrete op-amp cards are used throughout the console.

Fully balanced mix busses are more work and more expensive to implement, so most manufacturers (even the “famous” ones) use semi-balanced busses, at the expense of dynamic range. But because our aim is to offer you simply the best analogue console ever built, we have chosen not to take the easy road so in the Ark all Group and Mix busses are fully balanced.
Even so, and despite using only top quality components, painstaking design of both the electronics and the mechanical construction means we can offer the Ark at extremely attractive prices.
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