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Type 120
Dynamics Processor Module
- Dynamik Prozessor Modul
- Schaltung aufgebaut um DSP Plattform
- Programmabhängiges Kompressor Knee
- Harmonic Density Setting
- Warmer, grosser und dichter Klang
- Handgewickelte M6 Stahl Transformatoren

The Dizengoff Audio Type 120 Dynamics Processor is a brand new take on transient and signal processing.  It’s a 500 series compatible card built with a familiar ‘compressor’ style feature set, so its use is intuitive and simple.  You can use it to control transients just like you would do with a limiter or compressor. But there’s more.  

Built on a DSP platform, its internal algorithm features a program-dependent knee and variable ‘learning’ level detection to adapt itself to the audio you’re processing.  Its unique ‘Harmonic Density” setting adds spectral energy to anything you run through it. It makes your tracks sound warmer, larger and more dense. It’s a great way to process ‘anchor’ tracks like drums, bass, or rhythm instruments.  Add the ‘growl’ setting to give your tracks some edge.

Its analog path is designed specifically to add low and low-mid energy, and the output stage is built around a high current analog driver.  The specially-designed, hand wound M6 steel transformer has exceptionally low resistance, so transient detail is preserved.

The Type 120 is limited run for 2020.  Once it’s sold out, it’s gone.
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