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Surround Monitor Controller

- Surround Monitor Controller
- Transparente Schaltung für Stereo und Surround
- 20 Inputs: 2x 7.1, Stereo In, 3.5mm Aux In
- 3 Sets Speaker Outs: 7.1, L/R, Mono Sub
- Jeder 7.1 Speaker mit eigenem Solo
- 7.1 kann auf 5.1, Stereo und Mono gemischt werden
- Stereo Outputs Monitoring als L/R oder FL/RL
- Stereo Mix Checking: Low, Mid, High Solo, Dim, L/R Mute
- Volume Control mit grossem Drehregler oder Preset
- 2 Kopfhörer Verstärker mit eigenen Level Pots
- Eingebautes Talkback Mikrofon

The Drawmer MC7.1 Surround Monitor Controller is a combined 7.1/5.1 and stereo monitor controller. Designed to provide all the mix checking features required for surround recordings without compromising on those used in stereo monitoring. It has the same pristine & transparent design as others from the Drawmer monitor controller pedigree, with a rugged desk top "wedge" form factor as used in the popular MC3.1.

Whether it is producing audio for film or television, or transporting the listener directly into the venue of an all encompassing orchestral piece, be it in 5.1, 7.1, quadraphonic, DTS®, Dolby Digital EX,THX Surround EX™, DTS-HD™, Dolby Atmos®, etc., one thing is sure, the number of users that wish to listen to audio within a surround setting has been growing and will continue to do so. There has been an ever increasing number of surround products coming to market, not only blue ray players and home cinema but also on mobile and media devices. For example, Apple devices have been capable of reproducing 7.1 surround since iOS 9.3. Therefore, it is likely that at some point every artist and engineer will consider trying surround sound, or fear being left behind.

Boasting two sets of balanced 7.1 Inputs, a 7.1 through, 1 Balanced Stereo Input and a convenient front panel Aux Input, with Balanced 7.1 Speaker outs and an independent Stereo main out with its own sub woofer option, there are no shortage of connectivity options. The Drawmer MC7.1 is capable of supporting any speaker seup, from mono, to stereo, various modes of surround, or 8 independent channels, depending on input type and speaker positioning.

The MC7.1 is a powerful Surround Monitor Controller in its own right, but is also perfect for controlling and checking your stereo mixes. This is one area where other surround monitoring controllers fall short. All studios, whether dedicated to film audio post production, or small home studio will at at some time (if not most of the time) work in stereo as well as surround. Aside from the surround capabilities, the MC7.1 contains the same comprehensive set of stereo "mix check" functions that are presented on the MC3.1 and which can of course be applied to the stereo input channel or any of the surround channels when these are routed to stereo.

The ability to "mix down" the surround mix to the FL and FR speakers OR the independent Stereo main speakers combined with the comprehensive cut or solo matrix means any combination of the surround channels can be listened to in the front mains. Want to focus in on the rear channels? Simply mix down to the front stereo speakers then solo them out of the mix! Whilst soloing out the centre or LFE channels give a central mono representation across the fronts or stereo mains!

Speaker level matching with switchable Mono/Sub output, the popular Low/Mid/High band solo feature, Internal Talkback Mic with footswitch control, and External Talkback Mic input are all brought over from the MC3.1, completing the rich array of features available on the MC7.1.
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