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Passive Stereo Ribbon Microphone

- Big Ribbon Blumlein & MS Stereo Mikrofon
- Pures Ribbon Design
- Offener und natürlicher Klang
- Eingesetzt von unzähligen Grammy Gewinnern

Being There in Stereo
In the 1930s, EMI engineer Alan Blumlein invented stereo recording by demonstrating the natural reproduction of the soundstage  at one of the Abbey Road studios in London, UK. Still today, his  coincident recording technique using two figure-of-8 ribbons is the  benchmark for producing an authentic representation of a performance in a  room. The R88 mk2 stereo microphone is a true Blumlein recording system  optimized for recording instruments and ensembles in stereo. It  utilizes two of AEA’s signature Big Ribbon™ elements angled at 90  degrees and mounted in close proximity to each other along the vertical  axis of the microphone. The natural soundstage and character of the  R88’s Blumlein stereo make it a great main mic. As an alternative to the  Blumlein (XY) technique, the microphone can also be used for MS stereo,  providing excellent mono compatibility and full control over the width  of the stereo image. An excellent orchestral and choral recording  microphone, it also shines on applications such as horn sections and  drum overheads, thanks to the pure sound of two undamped long ribbons  and the passive circuit without the headroom limitations of active  electronics. The R88 accurately records complex tones such as woodwinds,  strings, and cymbals. Whether it’s at Abbey Road or in your home  studio, the R88 mk2 puts the listener right there with the performers in  the recording room.

The Grammy-Winning Package
The list  of Grammy and Academy Award winning projects recorded with the help of  the R88 mk2 microphone is long and keeps growing: Turtle Island String  Quartet, Los Tigres Del Norte, Juanes MTV Unplugged, Life Of Pi  soundtrack to name but a few. The matched Blumlein pair of ribbons  packaged in a sleek black shell designed for quick setup delivers a  great sound right off the bat, making it an excellent choice for remote  recording setups. As a drum overhead or room pick-up microphone, it  instantly captures a punchy, “larger than life” image that is  particularly well suited for rock, roots, Americana, and jazz genres.  Seasoned engineers like Joe Chiccarelli, Chuck Ainlay or Vance Powell  trust the AEA R88 mk2 so much that Nashville’s world-class Blackbird  Studios now has an R88 available for every single room in their  facility.

A Big Ribbon for a Big Sound
At the heart of the  AEA R88 are two big, 2.35" by 0.185" by 2 micron pure aluminum  low-tension ribbon elements just like the one used in the classic R44.  Many ribbon mic manufacturers choose shorter ribbons that are easier to  install, but AEA’s Large Ribbon Geometry™ design offers important  advantages. Ribbon microphones operate linearly above their resonant  frequency, unlike condenser or moving-coil transducers, so the resonant  frequency of a good ribbon microphone design should be as low as  possible. The longer the ribbon, the lower the resonant frequency will  be. The ribbon has to move twice as far for every drop in octave as it  vibrates within the magnetic gap, thus a longer ribbon will allow for  further movement back and forth. This results in the ribbon handling  louder sound sources and more sound pressure level (SPL). Most AEA  ribbons are tuned to just 16.5 Hz, and because the R88 shares the same  Big Ribbon™ as the rest of AEA's product line, you will achieve a sound  that is smooth, natural and free from any of the uncomfortable  resonances that shorter ribbons and condensers can exhibit. The result  is a sound that many engineers say is astonishingly close to what their  ears hear when they are actually standing in the studio.

The Minimalist Design Ribbons: R88mk2 Stereo Mic & NUVO N8
The minimalist designed R88mk2 Stereo Mic, and NUVO N8  capture the natural tonality of an instrument faithfully. Interposed  with as little as possible between the source and the ribbon, the R88mk2  and N8 achieve an astonishingly open and natural sound that lets AEA’s  famed Big Ribbon™ truly shine.By employing similar design materials,  transducer model, and philosophy as used on the popular R88 Stereo Mic,  the phantom-powered NUVO N8 features the same Big Ribbon™ technology  that has earned AEA its reputation. The N8’s unobtrusive size makes it  easy to position in tight situations or in venues where discreet  placement is necessary. Its phantom-powered JFET electronics have made  the N8 a mainstay on scoring stages and in project studios. With AEA's SMS Stereo Bar and NUVO Microphone Coupler, it is easy to arrange N8s in a precise and accurate Blumlein array.

The  R88 and NUVO N8 minimal internal blast protection facilitate a more  open sound. Up-close use may result in substantial proximity effect so,  for a natural bass to treble balance, sound sources should be feet  rather than inches away. This also means you should be extra careful to  avoid sudden blasts of wind. We recommend using a pop filter when using  the R88 or AEA’s NUVO windscreens when placing the N8 or R88 closer than  6 inches away from a loud amp.

The R88mk2 is not a stereo version  of the R84. While the R84 and R88mk2 share the same ribbon and  transformer, they were designed to have different tonalities.
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