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TranZformer LX
Bass Pedal

- Traditionelle, diskrete API Schaltung
- 525-type Kompressor
- 3 Band Equalizer +/-15dB
- Input Gain bis +30dB
- Symmetrischer und asyammetrischer Output
- Output Ground Lift
- 18V Power Supply
- Hardwire Bypass
- Clip LED für Input und Output

The TranZformer LX is a multifunction pedal that is designed to easily  and affordably bring the world-famous analog sound of API to your bass.  Offering the user an unsurpassed level of sonic control, the TranZformer  LX combines an API 525 feedback-type compressor with a bass-optimized 3  band equalizer, both independently in/out switchable. The unit also  features phase invert switches on each output, ground lift, clip  indicator, transformer output and a hard wire bypass switch. Like all  API products, the TranZformer LX is built to API's exacting standards  and remains true to the design philosophy that has made API the leader  in professional analog gear for nearly 50 years.
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