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Stereo Variable Mu Tube Compressor

- Stereo Variable Mu Röhren Kompressor
- Für Tracking, Mixing und Mastering
- Klingt auch als Dual Mono eingesetzt einzigartig
- Dual-Threshold für Ratio- und Verstärker-Kontrolle
- Variable Input, Output, Attack, Release & Threshold
- Low Noise und hohe Kanaltrennung
- Trafosymmetrierte Inputs und Outputs

A Revolution in a Rack.
When you first put your ears to the Retro Instruments REVOLVER, you’ll hear some very legendary compression, an ingredient many have kept secret. You will hear lively and vibrant dynamics, the same you have imagined for your own project. Now you will know the sound, it’s as unmistakable as applesauce.

Years of Development.
As an experimental project in 2011, a few Retro Instruments REVOLVER’s were built and field tested with select studios. We started with the famous British-modified Altec 436 compressor and added features you need for tracking, mixing and mastering. We needed it right for Rev. A. Here it is.

The Retro Instruments REVOLVER puts You in Control.
For the first time ever, you get all the adjustments to dial in the type of dynamics you’ve heard on numerous albums. We’ve added features like a side-chain filter, stereo linking and continuously variable threshold, attack and release.

Built like a Tank.
The Retro Instruments REVOLVER might be guilty of being slightly overbuilt here in the USA, but it’s definitely done purposely to give you years of uninterrupted performance. Each unit passes a series of critical tests. Tubes and other components are selected for top performance and proper stereo tracking
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