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Microphone Preamplifier Module

- 312B Mikrofon Vorverstärker Modul
- Gleiche Features wie 312A, jedoch anderer Trafo
- 7dB mehr Output Gain als 312A
- Realisiert mit Avedis 1122 OpAmps
- Jensen Input und Output Transformator
- Schalter mit langlebigen Goldkontakten
- Frontpanel Hi-Z Instrument Input
- Von Hand gebaut bei BAE in North Hollywood

The 312B Signature Series carries the same excellent dynamic range,  frequency response and noise performance the BAE 312 series is known  for, but with a newly introduced and modified gain structure which  utilizes a lower gain Jensen input transformer, designed to compliment  louder sources before needing to implement the pad.

The 312A's higher gain structure occasionally required the pad to be  used frequently with louder sources, such as a hot microphone on drums.  The 312B uses an alternative Jensen transformer putting it at 7dB's of  lower gain to accommodate louder sources without losing the dynamic  characteristics of the 312A. This allows engineers the option of owning  the 312A as a pre-amp geared toward higher gain and the 312B for toward  lower gain.

The 312B, just like the 312A, features the Avedis® 1122 Discrete  Op-Amp and input and output Jensen transformers which use direct-coupled  circuitry with no capacitors in the signal path. The input impedance of  the 312B is designed to remain consistent, even after the pad is  engaged, providing a steady load to the microphone. The characteristics  of the 312B offer excellent dynamic range, frequency response, high  headroom, and excellent noise performance for a punchy sound which works  well with many microphones.

The 312B is available as a single 500 Series module and as a fully  loaded six space lunchbox. It includes a custom pull-on switch tailored  to accentuate higher frequencies, a DI for instruments, a Phase Reverse  switch, 48V for phantom power, and a PAD switch.
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