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Grand PreQ15s
Studio Microphone Amplifier

- Solid State Mikrofon Vorverstärker mit EQ und Filters
- Mercury Grand Pre Vorverstärker
- Gain bis +60dB, Fine Gain +/-8dB
- Output Level Control (Fader)
- 3 Band Equalizer, Hi & Lo Shelf, Peak Mid
- 4 Position High- und Lowpass-Filter
- Frontpanel DI Input
- Externe Mercury DC-1 Power Supply

The Mercury Grand PreQ15s is a fully discrete mono studio channel with 3-band equalizer, high & low pass filters and fully balanced transformer coupled inputs and outputs. The GPQ15s has many additions to the classic circuit as well as all the modern features you will require packed into a solidly built 1U chassis. The Mercury GPQ15s boasts premium components, custom transformers, and is proudly built in the USA. The GPQ15s comes with an external premium quality power supply, the Mercury DC-1.

The Mercury Grand PreQ15s (GPQ15s) Studio Channel contains the Mercury Grand Pre Microphone Amplifier, Line Input Amplifier, Response Selection, High and Low Frequency Filter Circuits and Output Level Control.

"After many years custom racking ‘Vintage BBC Spec’ console input modules and having the luxury of being able to hear just about every one of the discrete British Pre/EQ modules ever made... one has always seemed to shine above the rest, for me, due to its silky smooth tone and overall musicality, the Vintage Calrec PQ15s. I am thrilled to be able to share this old favorite, in a new way and with some additional features in our Mercury Grand PreQ15s."
David Marquette, Mercury Recording Equipment Co.
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