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Mini Mastering Console

- Mini Mastering Konsole
- Parallel/Seriell Prozessor für zwei Stereo Inserts
- Monitor Output mit eigener Level Kontrolle
- Mono Schalter
- 10 verschiedene Processing Modes
- Vergoldete Relais
- Elektronisch symmertierter, cleaner Signalweg
- Aluminium Poti Knöpfe optional

The S-Blender is a universal tool for parallel/serial processing, perfect for mixing and mastering.

The five-step mode control changes the signal path and numerous combinations can be tested without reconnecting any outboard. The first insert has a semi-fixed position and the second insert can be positioned at four different points in the signal path. At the push of a button the two inserts swap position and by using the mute buttons previewing can be done without altering the level controls.

For easy integration the S-Blender has a separate monitor section with volume control and mono switch.

It’s the optimal unit for two-stage compression combining parallel and serial compression in a clean and simple way. Mastering-grade circuits and a switch matrix with goldplated relays guarantee a maximum performance.
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