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Bison 500
Mid/Side Processor &
Wet/Dry Mixer Module

- Mid/Side Prozessor & Wet/Dry Mixer Modul
- Stereo/MS-Schalter
- 2 Send und 2 Return Buchsen auf Frontpanel
- Grosser Wet/Dry-Regler
- 5 LED Gain Reduction Meter
- Stereo Gerät wird zum Mid/Side Gerät
This machine will turn your favourite dual mono compressor into a parallel, Mid/Side compressor.
The IGS Bison 500 is a simple mid/side processor with a dry/wet mixer. It can be plugged into any 500 series rack equipped with a standard power supply. It has two stereo jack connectors (2 sends and 2 returns) on the front panel of the device used for plugging in your favorite dual mono or two mono compressors.

With a flick of the switch your compressor(s) start working in Mid/Side mode, where the left channel controls the common/Mid section of the two channels and the right channel controls the difference between the channels referred to as Side. Adding more sides or compressing them differently can increase your stereo image significantly.

The dry/wet knob can be very useful for parallel mixing. It is great for situations, where you want to pump up the sound without losing the natural dynamics of the dry mix.
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