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Dual Passive DI Box

- Passive Stereo DI Box
- 2x Jack Input mit 2x Direct Out
- Input Pad Schalter pro Kanal
- 2x XLR Outputs
- Output Ground Lift Schalter pro Kanal
- Stahlgehäuse
- Produziert in Italien

Strong and passive D.I. BOX. Limpid and reliable, Box Line Dip is characterized by an electronic design at the state of art typical of the Italian brand Teknosign which is blazoned by the live & studio technicians  all over the world. Every channel is provided of a direct output and another  totally isolated balanced one, perfect for the connection to guitars and electrical basses, keyboards and other instruments pick-up provided. This product is essential for all the musicians who, for their own instrument, want a linear, stable and faithful signal.
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