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Brooklyn DAC+
Stereo D/A Converter with MQA Decoder

- Stereo Referenz Mastering D/A Wandler
- 8 Digital Inputs, 2 Analog Outputs
- Analog Phono Preamp mit MM und MC
- Dual Mono Headphone Amplifier
- MQA Decoder
- MacOS und Linux Systeme benötigen keinen Treiber
- ASIO Treiber für Win 7, 8 & 10

Brooklyn DAC+ is a DAC converter, preamplifier, balanced headphone amplifier, phono preamplifier, low-latency audio interface and a hi-end studio monitoring system.

Variety of available digital inputs means that the device can be connected to a wide range of devices from the field of professional and hi-end applications. Despite the richness of available functions, device operation is simple and intuitive. All relevant information such as sample rate, bit resolution and signal level are visible on the large and legible display. With the help of the friendly Mytek Control Panel application you can control the device from the MAC and PC computer, which further simplifies the converter's operation. Subsequent versions of the software available free of charge on the manufacturer's website ensure full compatibility with the latest versions of operating systems and enable continuous update of already unique functionality of the device - at no additional cost!

However the reference quality of analog processing and its musical sound is what distinguishes this converter from others.

DAC (digital-to-analog converter)
A high-quality DAC chip set (Sabre 9028PRO), a specially redesigned analog section and an ultra-precise clock make the converter sound musical and true to the original. Redesigned analog section ensures even better separation of channels and lower noise level.

Brooklyn DAC+ provides absolutely faithful sound processing. It is transparent but also very musical. The listener can be sure that he can hear exactly what the artist and the music producer heard during the performance in the recording studio. Complementary to this fidelity of sound is the function of hardware decoding of the MQA format! Popular software such as JRiver, Audirvana, Foobar2000 allows you to use all the advanced features available in the device.

Classic Audio I/O interface
Brooklyn DAC+ is also a classic, compact audio interface offering eight input channels and two DAC output channels with ultra-precise processing quality. A set of digital connectors enables connection of any AD converter, microphone preamp, synthesizer and any other device equipped with AES, S/PDIF or TOSLINK connectors. Maximum of four such devices can be connected and all digital channels are visible in the DAC recording software simultaneously. Quick drivers (ASIO) ensure comfortable work in complex projects, where virtual instruments and effects (AAX, VSTi, VST, AU) are used. The device is compatible with any audio recording software. Regardless if it is Pro Tools, Cubase, Samplitude, Studio One or Ableton Live, the Brooklyn DAC+ ensures comfortable work on each of them.

Brooklyn DAC+ is a converter designed for people involved in mastering, mixing "in-the-box" and all those who do not need many I/O channels, but appreciate the reference digital-analogue processing.

A balanced headphone amplifier
High-performance amplifier is able to drive each headphones providing a precise and dynamic sound. It allows you to connect two pairs of classic headphones or one pair of balanced headphones.

Phono preamplifier
The vinyl record has become popular again, therefore fans of the black disc will appreciate the possibility of connecting the turntable directly to the analogue inputs of the DAC. Yes! Brooklyn DAC+ is equipped with a high quality phono preamplifier compatible with MM and MC cartridges.

Reference MASTER monitoring unit in recording studios
Mytek devices have been considered as one of the most precise, faithful and at the same time very musical converters. Thanks to these features they are used in recording studios around the world. During the recording, making mixes or at the mastering stage, absolute precision of the monitored signal is necessary. Brooklyn DAC+ due to its faithful sound is the ideal solution for studios looking for a stereo converter to be connected between the studio system (DAW / mixer) and the final monitoring/listening system.

From the music producer's point of view the reference quality DA conversion is an essential element of successful music production. If the mix contains errors, Brooklyn DAC+ will reveal them immediately. It is very detailed in all frequency bands and beautifully draws all the elements of the recording in a perfectly reproduced musical space.
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