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Replacement Crossover for Yamaha NS-10

- Crossover für Yamaha NS-10 Monitore
- Exakt nach Originalspezifikation
- Einfacher Einbau in Chassis
- Keine Veränderung Chassis nötig
- Erfüllt Euro RoHs Spezifikation

Following the resounding success of the AV10MHF and AV10MLF replacement drivers, Avantone Pro has gone to great lengths to produce that last component needed to bring your old Yamaha™ NS10M™ monitors back to life. Introducing, the brand new AV10MXO replacement crossover for the Yamaha™ NS10M™.

The AV10MXO is a direct bolt in replacement for the original crossover designed to be a quick and easy swap with minimal tools needed. The rear panel is an upgraded aluminium compared to the original plastic for better rigidity and all unit ship with a replacement gasket to ensure an air tight seal. All crossovers also ship with wires and spade connectors connected to make the swap as quick and easy as possible. We changed the rear terminal plate to use a better grade of binding post connector for the best connection available.

The crossover network uses the same value capacitors as the original circuit – just a better grade of material and rating. The inductors exactly match the original in dc resistance, winding dimensions and value.
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