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506 Power
6 Slot Rack

- 500 Series 6 Slot Rack
- No Noise Power Supply
- XLR und DB25 Inputs und Outputs
- Vergoldete XLR Anschlüsse
- Feed Schalter auf Geräterückseite
- 400mA Power pro Slot
- +/- 16V
- 48V Phantom Power
- Externe Stromversorgung
- Schutz vor Überspannung und Kurzschluss
- Leichtgewichtiges Aluminium Chassis

The 506 Power chassis holds up to six 500-series modules in a compact yet rugged unit. An external no-noise power supply delivers the perfect amount of power to run your modules with crystal clear sound. This lightweight aluminum chassis has a small footprint that fits in any studio. The affordable 506 Power gives you exactly what you need to get your studio up and running. Create your ideal signal chain with the Lindell Audio 506 Power chassis.

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