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Double Microphone Mount

- Doppel Mikrofon Mount
- Ideal für Mikrofon Kombination R-121 & SM-57
- Kompakte Bauform
- Schnelle und einfache Installation
- Phasenoptimierte Ausrichtung danke Markierungen
- Lebenslange  Garantie

Blending an R-121 ribbon with a dynamic mic is a legendary method for capturing electric guitars. The AxeMount microphone clip positions an R-121 right next to a 57-style dynamic mic, phase-aligned and ready to record, for the ultimate electric guitar microphone package. Making small position adjustments on a speaker or switching both mics to another cabinet is as easy as moving only one mic stand.

The natural, full bodied sound of the R-121, blended to taste with the fist-forward pointedness of a 57-styled dynamic microphone, allows for phenomenal tailoring of recorded and live guitar tones. In the past, that required using two mic stands, two clips, and patience to get the mics lined up properly and in-phase with each other. The AxeMount does away with all that and makes this classic method easy to achieve.

The AxeMount is built tough and comes with a lifetime warranty.
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