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Clariphonic 500
Mono Parallel Equalizer Modul

- Mono Parallel Equalizer mit M/S-Funktion
- Focus Gain Regler
- Focus Filter: Lift/Open
- Clarity Gain Regler
- Clarity Filter: Presence/Sheen oder Shimmer/Silk
- Bypass Schalter pro Band
- Boost pro Band bis +16dB, kein Cut möglich

Holographic highs on any track

Of all the challenges an engineer faces, getting a smooth, silky top end is undoubtedly one of the hardest. The Clariphonic was designed to solve that problem effortlessly, and now thousands of engineers have parked it on their mix bus because it delivers on its promise of an instantly ‘finished’, mastered sound.

The Clariphonic 500 module makes it affordable to sprinkle that magic on vocals, drums, and individual instruments as well. The signal path is identical to the original rack unit, with a serious kind of voodoo – somehow it brings out the subtle beauty in everything it touches.

An EQ unlike any other, Clariphonic embodies Kush’s relentlessly forward thinking approach to all things sound and music.