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24 Ch. Analog Summing Mixer
with 8 Channel Saturation

- 24 into 2 Analog Summing Mixer
- 8 Kanäle mit Saturation Prozessoren
- Drive und Output Regler pro Kanal
- Magic-Option für noch weicheren und dichteren Klang
- Stereo VU-Meter
- Monitor und Main mit eigenen Level-Reglern
- Main Stereo Insert Sends und Returns

SATUR-8/24 is the 24 channel summing unit containing 8 channels with analog saturation. The design refers to the sound of old tube mixing consoles and tape recorders.

The summing module is an original combination of active summing, run by operational amplifiers and passive voltage summing based on transformers. The mixed signal is amplified by a transistor preamplifier operating in pure class A, built of discrete elements, inspired by the early designs of transistor preamps from the 60's.

Additionally the summing circuit is fitted with a “Magic” module, which magically nears, widens and thickens the whole mix, giving it a vivid, analog sound.

SATUR-8/24 is both versatile and creative tool for processing of tracks, subgroups and the entire mix.
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