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Mono Limiter/Compressor

- Classic Mono Limiter/Kompressor, nach Originaldesign
- Transformatoren mit legendären Neve Spezifikatione
- Originales Neve 2254 Design, diskrete Class A-Schaltung
- Trafogekoppelter Input, Bridge-Driver, Sidechain, Output
- On/Off-Schalter für Limiter- und Kompressor-Sektion
- Total Bypass-Schalter
- Mehrere Geräte linkbar für Stereo und Surround
- Neve Total Recall Software
- Von Hand in England gebaut und verkabelt

The New Original
Discrete, Class A design and transformer-coupled circuits – used in the input, innovative bridge-driver design, sidechain and output stages ensured a totally unique sound.

Not only does it retain the original 2254’s unique sonic characteristics – using the same architecture, matching components and original hand-wound transformers – but enhances it with the features that modern-day producers and engineers have asked for. Whereas the original, developed before outboard designs had been standardized, was roughly cubic in shape, the new 2254/R comes in 1U 19” rack-mount form.  And the new model allows settings to be saved and recalled using Neve Total RecallTM software via USB.

There’s also manual adjustment of Fast Attack Time, continuously variable between 100µS and 2mS. Plus enhancement of the signal presence LED, which changes from green to red to warn of imminent clipping.
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