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Stereo 384 kHz AD/DA & DSD Converter
& Reference Headphone Amplifier

- Stereo Mastering AD/DA Wandler, 24 Bit/384 kHz
- D/A DSD: 64, 128 und 256
- Stereo Analog Input/Stereo Analog Output
- AES/EBU, S/PDIF & TOSLINK Digital Inputs & Outputs
- Wordclock & Atomic 10M Sync Inputs
- A/D 128dB, D/A 138dB Dynamic Range
- Interne 4th Generation 64-Bit Clock
- 2 Stereo Headphone Outputs Combo XLR
- Standard & Balanced Mode für Kopfhörer
- Grosser Touchscreen zur einfachen Bedienung
- USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-B Connector up to 384 kHz
- Software Control Panel für Mac & PC

Reference-grade USB AD/DA Converter & Headphone Amplifier
Amari is a hi-end 384kHz PCM / DSD256 AD/DA Converter. Its majestic sound will suit mixing engineers, mastering gurus and the most dedicated audiophiles. The beautifully designed desktop unit is equipped with a slick touchscreen display. Amari offers 1 pair of Analog outs (either on XLR or TRS connectors), 1 pair of analog inputs (either on Combo XLR or RCA), and 2 high power headphone (HP) outputs with dedicated volume control and adjustable output impedance.

Love at first listen
Amari offers the signature Antelope Audio industry acclaimed clocking and best-in-class 384 kHz conversion. The unit comes with two analog output pairs on XLR and TRS. Two analog input pairs are available on the back panel, one on RCA and one on combo XLR. In addition Amari provides digital connectivity on USB, AES/EBU, S/PDIF and TOSLINK.

Incredible headphone control
Antelope Audio have always equipped their units with multiple headphone outs. Amari brings this to the next level. Its 2 headphone outputs feature individual volume control. Each output allows users to Select from 17 different values of driver's output impedance including negative values in order to enhance the listening experience.

Mastering-grade conversion
Amari employs the industry renowned Antelope Audio clocking technologies and the manufacturer's vast experience in analog circuitry and conversion. The mastering-grade audio interface offers 384 kHz, 24-bit conversion.

Top clocking
The desktop interface features the Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) jitter management technology pioneered by Antelope Audio’s Fourth generation, 64-bit clocking allows a stable and precise sampling of any incoming audio signal. Amari is also equipped with an Atomic Clock input (fully 10MX compatible) for maximum stability. An additional Word Clock input is also available.

Flexible control set
The control set of Amari is distributed between dedicated fast-access knobs and buttons for the most frequent controls, the impressive touchscreen display and intuitive software control panel. The touchscreen is used for the more advanced functions and volume levels visualization.
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